The Order of the Forge


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Creator and producer Donn D. Berdahl of Bronco Donn Entertainment and Dark Horse Comics, in association with Home Plate Entertainment, present a tale left out of the history books. Set in 1753, this comic shows a young George Washington who ain’t your schoolteacher’s George Washington; this is The Order of the Forge!


Victor Gischler (Deadpool: Merc with a MouthWolverine: RevolverAngel & Faith) writes a three-issue miniseries that will surprise and shock scholars everywhere. Based on an original concept from Donn D. Berdahl and a treatment by well-known British author Andy Briggs, The Order of the Forge has “humor, vulgarity, and at times brutality,” according to Comic Bastards. This series is a must-read for fans of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and all other historical fiction works!

Before he fathered a nation, young George Washington forged his legend in blood! Before he fought for his country, he killed for the king! Imbued with the mystical powers of America’s original inhabitants, George and his superpowered axe—along with his friends, a debauched, middle-aged Ben Franklin and a young, rebellious Paul Revere—must stop an evil colonial governor who wishes to rule an empire!

“Dark and filled with seething rage, this George will shatter the image of the white-haired father of a nation!” stated Berdahl. Publisher Mike Richardson, founder of Dark Horse, said, “This is one of those great changeups that challenge our notions of a widely accepted historical figure and pose a ‘what if’ in an entertaining manner.”

Praise for Victor Gischler:

“Part Christopher Moore, part Quentin Tarantino, Victor Gischler is a raving, badass genius.”—James Rollins, New York Times best-selling author of Map of Bones and Black Order
“Gischler does an awesome job of grabbing my attention. The way that he adds so much intensity and drama through dialogue is a real treat.”—Unleash the Fanboy


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Praise for the Forge:

“The Order of the Forge #1 is an impressive, and at times humorous, start to the series complete with action, character development and story progression.” – The Hulking Reviewer


“History books never told students that this trio of early American legends just might have been the world’s first team of superheroes.” – Comic Book Resources


“Dude, The Order of the Forge is some kind of Star Wars hero’s quest–updated with more modern vernacular and R-rated interests for everyone–starring George Washington, Paul Revere and Ben Franklin.” – Comics Fondle


“I enjoyed seeing these icons of history as real people, and there were a lot of funny moments” – Rhymes With Geek


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Issue #3 on sale June 24!


The Trade Paperback on sale in November!!

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