The Skinner Boys

The fate of the world now lies in the hands of three rambunctious and fun-loving tweenage brothers. The Skinner Boys, CHARLES,  HENRY, and EDWARD have been handed the mantle of protecting the world’s most powerful and hidden talisman and mysteries. Their Mother, JULIA SKINNER, knew about this aspect of her father’s life and although we suspect she had something to do with it when she was younger, she moved away to raise her family in less “adventurous” environment.  But now she has brought them back – accepting what is a part of her very own DNA.

World renowned explorer Augustus Skinner has left the “ole’ Skinner Mansion” and all of its secret and valuable contents to his three grandsons. But Grandfather Skinner also left them a big surprise. The brothers are now Guardians of the Lost Secrets, a collection of unique artifacts from across the world that possess incredible powers. As the anonymous Guardian of these artifacts, Grandpa Skinner dedicated his life to protecting them against the forces of evil that would corrupt their powers and endanger the planet. In the wrong hands, the fabled Skull of Medusa could turn an entire army to stone! The legendary philosopher’s stone, which turns any metal into gold, could make its owner wealthy and powerful beyond belief. Now he has left this mantle to his grandsons and so begins a new chapter.

In addition to all the cool gadgets and technology found in the Mansion, the boys and their Mother are aided by a “fourth” Guardian, a feisty teenage girl, named TARA and Grandpa Skinner’s former “man-Friday”, WELLINGTON. And as these boys know very little about girls – she could be one of their biggest challenges. Altogether, these unsuspecting kids have a powerful secret weapon – their laugh it off cloak of invincibility based on their youth.

Nobody would ever guess that four goofy teens would be capable of outsmarting the powerfully evil and protecting the world. It’s like handing the keys to the world to an erratic teenager…times four. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride!

GENRE:           Comedy with fun adventurous stories

FORMAT:         26 x 30 minute, 2d (“tra-digital”) HD

DISTRIBUTION:    ZDF Enterprises

BROADCASTERS:    SuperRTL / Nine Network Australia

PRODUCTION/DELIVERY:     In Production – for Delivery 1st Q 2014

PRODUCTION PARTNERS:     Produced by SLR/Telegael/Top Draw Animation/Super RTL/Home Plate Entertainment/Nine Network