Wild Grinders







From the mind of pro-skateboarder turned TV star and Mega Entrepreneur, Rob Dyrdek, Home Plate’s first  series is based on Dyrdek’s younger years as a skateboarder and is packed with a whole lot of awesome!  A ratings and audience success, “Wild Grinders’” fast paced 11 minute episodes feature snappy character comedy mixed with ridiculous cartoony situations and over the top humor, including the thrill seeking pre-teen LIL’ ROB, his right-hand bulldog, MEATY, and his best friends & skateboard crew, the “Wild Grinders”! Driven by cartoon logic, the action of skate boarding is taken to new extremes! From skating with jet packs that send characters grinding onto the fuselage of a mid-air jet-airliner to an underwater ghost pirate and shark chase, this show takes kid-relatable themes, cartoon gags and a dose of mayhem to another level. With stories about shrink rays (“GOGGLES SHRUNK THE GRINDERS”) that make “getting through his own house chased by angry fleas” an imaginative adventure – to stories about cursed pumpkin zombies (“WILD ZOMBIES”) on Halloween, Wild Grinders has a fresh, bright appealing look of contemporary “vinyl toy” original artwork.

GENRE:           Comedy – aimed at kids 6-12 years old

FORMAT:          Season 1 52 x ’11 – (26 half hour) , Season 2 52 x ’11 – (26 half hour) – High Definition – 2d FLASH animation

DISTRIBUTION:    Home Plate Entertainment – WW TV& Distribution

BROADCASTERS:    Premiering with huge ratings success on Nicktoons in the US debut in 2012, Season 2 started early 2014 – INTERNATIONAL: Gloob – Brazil; Canal Panda – Portugal; RTP – Portugal; AFN – Global; Teletoon – Canada

PRODUCTION/DELIVERY:     Season 1 – available, Season 2 – available 104 x 11 in total

PRODUCTION PARTNERS:     Produced by Home Plate Entertainment and Dyrdek’s Super Jacket Productions, and Telegael, TopDraw Animation and Big Jump Studios

SEASON ONE – Agogo Corporation, Moonscoop, Copernicus Studios, Inc.  SEASON TWO – TopDraw Animation and Big Jump Studios

Wild Grinders

Wild Grinders Season 2 Launch Promo produced by HPE for Nicktoons! The New Season begins airing at 8:30 pm on Nicktoons Wednesdays with Encore airings throughout

Wild Grinders

Season One of Wild Grinders has been airing on Nicktoons Saturdays & Sundays for TWO HOURS from 4 – 6 pm EST/1 – 3 PST.  New Episodes early 2014