Home Plate Entertainment can provide a range of services from Executive Producing & Consulting as your “in-house” expert – or as a “full service” Animation  Studio – from concept to delivery and global distribution.



HPE evaluates its projects – or those of its clients – based on real market feedback and conditions. Development is not a business for anyone. By knowing the market and the real world shelf space, HPE can gear its development with its partners to insure that there will be maximum appeal for the content it develops. We also do not spread ourselves thin by taking on too many projects. This way we can stay focused and reach our goal, which of course is a well developed piece of content ready for production.

HPE does not maintain a staff of in-house writers, artists, or directors.  It casts each project with the best in the industry.  Each project has its own special feel and requires a creative person who has a vision that matches that DNA.  This casting and knowledge and experience in development is the reason that HPE is so successful.

Collaboration is also an extremely important part of the process.  While maintaining a singular and clear creative vision, there is always a requirement for some form of collaboration and HPE can guide its partners through this sensitive and difficult aspect of development.

Finally, HPE can deliver a fully polished presentation of any content, including Pitch Bible, Concept Artwork, Scripts and Fully Animated Trailers and Pilots – all at a realistic price to create the most spectacular materials possible.


HPE works with its partners to make sure that once development is well underway the project has the right production, financial and broadcast partners.  Financing can include pre-sales, co-production, arranging for bank loans and in some cases participating in the equity financing of the content it produces.


By putting together the best creative team for each project and also making sure there is a strong fit amongst the business partners – HPE can design and execute a creative custom production pipeline for the needs of the production. HPE also brings geographic based subsidy production partners to a strong well matched creative lead production team. Adherence to both Budget and Schedule, without sacrificing creative vision is our hallmark.


We can manage physical delivery to any distributor or broadcaster anywhere in the world.   Digital distribution or traditional tape distribution can insure full acceptance to the end user and owners of all materials.  We also can identify, negotiate and manage any of the top distributors to insure maximum coverage and financial return for any type of content, whether series or specials.


Having produced big brand series for every network, HPE can deliver the next Clifford the Big Red Dog, or He Man, or maybe the Simpsons!  Whatever is needed can be managed and produced so the Client can focus on the creative and exploitation of the benefits of brand ownership, while HPE takes care of the production. HPE can also perform limited production or post-production services such as re-voicing, re-scoring, or composing your music. HPE just completed the re-voicing for SLR’s “Guess How Much I Love You: Adventures of Little Nutbrown Hare” for the launch of the US Disney Channel in May 2012.


All of the above can be accomplished with the benefit of an HPE consultation contract which allows the Client to maintain its own or other facilities for execution but still get the benefit of the deep knowledge, experience and contacts of HPE while utilizing many more of its own resources.

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