Shelby Star

Shelby Star is the brainchild of singing media SuperStar Christina Milian and producer/manager Carmen Milian.  Shelby is an “alter ego” of sorts – and is an animated musical artist, along with her band-mates/friends: Curly Q, Jasper and Daisy. In their world, teaching and learning is done through music.  Target age range: 7-12 yrs. old.

Milian Universe and their Agency membrain LLC have hired Home Plate Entertainment as Executive Producers to produce Shelby’s first music video – due out in early 2014, and to work with Christina and her team to bring this hot new brand to market.


Christina’s young and thriving fan-base give Shelby amazing exposure and visibility.  When fans see Shelby – they will feel as if they were watching their favorite artist appear at the hottest events!  Shelby Star is the ultimate role model, friend, teacher, mentor and entertainer. She is parent approved and kids will love Shelby Star’s memorable melodies, colorful style, charisma and intelligence, making it easy to learn and entertaining for kids to watch.

Shelby Star: A dreamer. Dreams BIG & has high expectations. She has a very positive attitude and when she makes mistakes she is always open to learn from them. She’s an explorer and has a bubbly personality. She loves music. She has great leadership skills and is a mentor to her friends and little sister. She is very colorful and occasionally gets into mischief. Her passion is to sing, teach, and learn and to “Reach for the Stars”.

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