Wild Grinders - SEASON 2 just launched!!

Wild Grinders, the hit animated series, Season 2 launches new episodes September 3rd 2014 with an episode featuring guest star Ryan Sheckler. The show is the creation of Professional skateboarder & entrepreneur Rob Dyrdek (star of MTV’s Rob & Big, Fantasy Factory & Ridiculousness). Premier New Episodes in the US on Nicktoons Wednesday's at 9:00 EST/ 6:00 PST.

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shelby Shelby Star - The next Big Star

Shelby Star is the brainchild of singing media SuperStar Christina Milian and producer/manager Carmen Milian. Shelby is an “alter ego” of sorts – and is an animated musical artist, along with her band-mates/friends: Curly Q, Jasper and Daisy. In their world, teaching and learning is done through music. Target age range: 7-12 yrs. old.

Milian Universe and their Agency Membrain LLC have hired Home Plate Entertainment as Executive Producers to produce Shelby’s first music video – due out in early 2014, and to work with Christina & Carmen their team to bring this hot new brand to market. Read more  
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